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"Roots," by Show of Hands. I can't keep my eyes off the fiddler ... :D

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Everybody's seen the car wash clip, as well as the sumo/soccer player match clip. I thought I'd bring you some which you might not have seen. Quite a few which I reviewed were insulting or ridiculous, so I didn't include those.

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Here are some assorted sumo videos. This one is from a National Geographic program, and I was intrigued by the remarks that the sumotori "embody the ideal Japanese male," and are seen "like gods."

This clip is of the reigning yokozuna (top wrestler) Asashoryu, from a basho (tournament) in Nagoya, Japan, in July 2008. It also shows the intimidation, staring, trying to unnerve the opponent which precede a bout. Some complain that Asashoryu is "too aggressive." (He is Mongolian; not Japanese - son of a Mongolian professional wrestler and a Mongolian wrestler himself before entering sumo world.)

[ profile] blachubear pointed out to me the German movie Sumo Bruno, and suggested I look for youtube clips. Here is the trailer:

The final bout in the film:

Sumo Bruno is available on DVD here but unfortunately for us on this side of the pond, comes in PAL format only, and thus not playable in the USA. But good for you in the UK, though!
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While looking up "fairytale" on youtube, I found this charming video clip from a 2006 German television series based on the Grimm's fairy tales. In this adaptation of Hans im Glück ("Hans in luck," or "Lucky Hans,") German actor Joseph Hannesschläger plays "der Meister" and Christian Ulmen his hapless apprentice Hans. In the original Grimm story, Hans has served his master well for seven years, and for his pay gets a lump of gold the size of his head. Of course, at each step of the way, with each misfortune, he ends up "trading down" to the point where he has nothing.

My German is terrible, so I haven't much of an idea what's going on, although I do enjoy watching Hannesschläger. His silky bass-baritone makes me wonder if he sings as well as acts.

I found it interesting that the production team cast a fat man as the master. A head-size gold lump seems way too much for seven years as a craftsman-apprentice; why is the master so generous? He's more than just a master-craftsman, and what he has to give is more than simply wages. The fat master represents a huge - literally - storehouse of knowledge, tradition, and generosity, to which the graduated apprentice is entitled. And a fat man just "fits" as a bestower of that bounty. It's more than simply cute when the two of them try to give a good-bye hug over *both* the master's big belly and that lump of gold. It's as if, visually, the lump of gold and the master's fatness are somehow made equivalent.

I don't know how the German TV show ends; whether Hans gets to keep his wealth, or find even more. It seems that in this version Hans seems to reconnect with his old master after each mishap. My guess would be that since he returns to the source of original bounty after every "fall," he perhaps smartens up a bit more, learns more of the value of what has been imparted to him and how to retain it, than does the luckless dummkopf of the original story.
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From [ profile] blachubear (via [ profile] munciecub,) this awesome video. "Papiroflexia" is Spanish for origami.

The man has great "swing" in his step and body. I also like how he leaves his home (surrounded by his magical creations) to take his enchantment out into the world, transforming it as he goes along. In the last shot (with its final metamorphosis), all sit down together in a "peaceable kingdom" moment.

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I found these three videos, made by a European masseur named Massimo. In them he gives a therapeutic deep tissue / shiatsu massage to a large-bodied older man. They're sensually appealing, even erotic in places, although nonetheless. The man receiving the massage looks so happy and relaxed; his relief becomes palpable as his kinks and pains get rubbed away. I also like the way Massimo handles him, tenderly and with compassion - in the words of Don McLean, "soothed beneath the artist's loving hand."

It's common to see "medicalized" images of fat men (on the scales, or in a doctor's office, or looking worried about some health stat or another.) The man in these videos, though, isn't just a "patient" to be "fixed;" he's treated as a cooperator in his own healing. The sensual enjoyment of being helped shows on his face.

It's rare to see sensual, mostly-nude fat men, too. Take any TV show: every male character takes off his shirt at one point or another *except* for the fat guy. Many men are afraid of mockery and so don't use the pool or sit out in the sun. This not only limits them, it also means that many people really don't see the fat body outside of a highly caricatured, often fat-suited fictional context.

Some fat men can't bear to have certain parts of their bodies touched, because it reminds them of "how big" whatever the "offending" parts are. However, to get the help out of massage, or physical therapy, or any other kind of body work (or love-making, for that matter), they have to let that resistance go. Then all those "forbidden" or "ugly" parts get moved back into the circle of the loved, accepted body.

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