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Yo, ho. Sent in by a reader - many thanks! Pirates have perhaps lost some of their glitter since the Somali kidnappings, but as long as we keep in mind this is all good clean fun ... :D

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After all my searching through Renfaire pictures for big beautiful men, I decided to go out and shoot some of my own at the local Renfaire. Instead of Tudors, the theme was France in the reign of Francis I (reigning from 1515-1547.)

At first this hat-seller was a little stiff, but after a few shots he really relaxed and started kidding around.

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This is my first poll, so be gentle. Sorry, only LJ account-holders can vote.

ETA: Poll is full of broke-ass fail, sorry. But I love reading your comments!

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Feel free to mention why in the comments.

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I'm working on a longer entry, but for now it's more "pics of the day."

Renfaire massage ... (Link)
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Renfaire guys make me happy, and there are sooooo many pictures around and about to choose from. Here are a few:

Originally uploaded by Wildabeast71

Guys out of a Frans Hals painting.

Originally uploaded by ExperienceLA

I bet he's a bass ...

Poxy Boggards having fun.

Earlier post: Big Men of the Renfaire
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Renaissance fairs seem to grow a prolific crop of imposing men of size, as I discovered while strolling through flickr. Some of these men could have stepped out of Frans Hals' or Velasquez's paintings.

Some of what gives these men their stunning appearance is the costuming. The peasant's loose tunic and breeches fill with the body. The man doesn't look squeezed or confined; it simply makes him look big, and in the best way possible. A large belly fills the Tudor lord's waistcoat and gives him breadth, while his codpiece emphasizes his maleness.

What strikes me is that these large men look far more comfortable in their antique clothes than most do in modern ones. Even though big men can fill a suit admirably (as [ profile] pevensiegirl's Vintage Fashion Romp shows), few men today wear a suit with the assurance of a William Howard Taft. Most men's dresswear is cut to make the body appear as slimmed as possible, rather than putting the girth out in front, or allowing flesh to move freely underneath (as in the pirates below.)

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