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[ profile] thornyc recently went to the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, and has put up a review of a notable film called A Matter of Size. Four disgruntled guys tired of jabs about their weight form an amateur sumo club and start training. The plot sounds a little bit like that of Secret Society from 2000 (thanks, [ profile] jennie_jay!), which covered similar ground with women workers in a UK factory who form a sumo club.

Here's hoping A Matter of Size gets wide distribution (or any distribution at all, I guess, as according to [ profile] thornyc, it's making the festival rounds now.)

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[ profile] my_daroga has some remarks about Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus; clicky for a nice picture of Charles Laughton and Peter Ustinov. She likes the Roman "bad guys" better than the "good" ones, and I do too. That's why I think Laughton would have made a great Phantom of the Opera (not necessarily "better than" Lon Chaney, but definitely with his own powerful interpretation.)

* * * * * * *

While on the subject of Charles Laughton, I watched The Private Life of Henry VIII last night. I enjoyed it, but didn't enjoy the snap-crackle-pop un-remastered version on the library's VHS tape. The youtube installments are much better in quality, but unfortunately are not embeddable (at least by me.)

Here's Laughton's Henry trying to impress new wife Catherine Howard by taking on the best wrestler in England (starts at 5:35.) I like the shadow effect; it makes Laughton's Henry look "larger than life," and also enjoy the discrepancy in size between Henry and the other wrestler. Laughton had this big, bull-like *energy* about him, that's for sure.

Here, Henry's Privy Council informs him that Catherine Howard has betrayed him with court retainer Thomas Culpeper. He just crumbles as he hears the news. You can watch the life go right out of him.

* * * * * * *

Finally, a friend who reads here regularly sent this link to a New York Times article about the new aesthetic in male beauty for models. These men are expected to be over six feet and about 145-150 lbs. They look seriously emaciated, but no one seems to be complaining as they have about undernourished female models.

Normally I don't post "negative" stuff, and especially I *don't* point this out to prompt any "Oh, they're so *unattractive* remarks. I like fat men but realize that every body type invokes love in somebody, and not everyone has to share my predilection. But this article has something in it so foolish that I feel duty-bound to mention it. These very thin men were being told by modeling agencies/designers to *lose muscle.* There was no fat on them to lose - but even a little ripple of muscle was considered unattractive. Now if a man is naturally thin and not too muscular, then that's his body type and it's all good. But to tell a very thin man to *lose muscle* to get even thinner?

On a highly lean man, any loss of muscle is probably going to come out of the biggest muscles in the body (the thighs and butt), and from then on, the heart. The health implications aren't even mentioned in the article. And these young men (and they have to be young, pretty much) are told they're "too big" to model.

That's one reason I would like to pass around a big plate of virtual brownies to the bear world (help yourself at right), to those within it who love and desire older men. A fair number of men naturally get quite large as they age, especially around the chest and shoulders, and their strength increases accordingly. It's a beautiful thing, especially when a man has so much *longer* over the course of his life to shine, and doesn't have to alter or starve himself to "stay attractive."


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