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(from the NSFW site largermen on tumblr.)

What *is* it about big men with babies in their arms? Or kittens, puppies, lambs, kids for that matter? For one thing, to me it shows that gentleness and nurturing aren't only "feminine" qualities. Perhaps the little beings just feel safe in those arms.

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Here is a nice painting entitled "A man of the Christiania Royal Guard of Citizens" (scroll down to the second image & click to enlarge.) Sorry I have to point you to it; the photographer doesn't want it copied. From the information about the painting, according to Norwegian historian Trond Norén Isaksen:
The Christiania Royal Guard of Citizens ... was founded in 1788 on the occasion of the future King Frederik VI’s visit to Norway. This cavalry guard was made up of some of the wealthiest citizens of Christiania. They had to pay for their own uniforms and horses and came to be known as “the Yellow Choir” because of the colour of their hussar uniforms ... All of them ranked as officers and were therefore exempt from ordinary patrolling duty. (link)
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From the photographer's comment:
Squatter Jesse James washes his hair in the hot spring just outside of Slab City. The spring well was developed in the 1970’s as a school project by a student studying at the University of California, San Diego. It is now the central bathing area for the community of squatters and nomads that inhabit Slab City. (NOTE: the vignette is completely in camera and not artificially created.) (Link)

NSFW, Evening Bath )

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The days are getting shorter; the garden is starting to shut down, and the nights are cooler. So here's a harvest-y man to anticipate the coming fall equinox. (photo link: From the very NSFW site Super Chub Love)

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[ profile] epi_lj linked me to these excerpts from a Volstagg comic book. I don't follow comics, so this was quite a treat.

Four more of Volstagg )

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It's hard for anyone, man or woman, to feel confident and sexy when the prevailing social message is that you're "unattractive." The guy below the cut obviously disagrees.

One, definitely NSFW )

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From Fast Company, via Andrew Sullivan comes a peek at the maker of the Double Rainbow viral video.

(click to enlarge)

His name's Paul Vasquez, but his alias "Yosemitebear Mountain Giant" fits him so much better. From the Fast Company interview:
When I shot the video, I was not high at all, I was not having sex, and I was not hiking, as a lot of people assume ... People think you can only have that kind of experience on drugs," he explains. "But you don't have to be--you can have the experience with nature without having to be high or having sex.

Most assuredly.

Here's another shot of Yosemitebear:

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Don't have much time to post today, but a kind reader sent this awesome photo of two sumotori in a wild grapple. Thank you so much! The strength, beauty, and flexibility of these men never ceases to amaze me.

(Link, click to enlarge)

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Many images of fat men, for whatever reasons, tend to focus on individuals or pairs rather than groups. I for one like shots of men with multiple subjects. There's something powerful about men in groups. Some of it might be atavistic, back to the days when cooperative and concerted effort among people first evolved. Some of it is just "the more the merrier."

In Jungian psychology, the animus is supposed to be the expression of masculinity inside a woman's mind (the corresponding element for the other gender is the anima.) So each of us is a bit androgynous. While you don't hear a lot about the group anima (multiple women), Jungian psychologists do mention the group animus, which can appear in stories and dreams. Sometimes the group animus can be frightening, when represented for instance by a gang, or aggressive sports team, or enemy combatants. But the group animus can be loving and positive as well, like Dorothy's bevy of friends in The Wizard of Oz. The images below the cut (some NSFW) show that positive group animus.

Six, some NSFW. Click for larger image. )

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"Men out of time" are those who look as if they belong in a vintage photograph, even though they are contemporary. They aren't dressing up in costume as for Renfaire. Instead, something about their style (if it can even be called that in all cases) brings to mind the stiff, serious assurance which people used to show in front of the camera, when exposure times were long and the slightest movement resulted in unforgivable blurs.

(by [ profile] snousle, link)

Two more men out of time )

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There's something about guys getting dirty, whether it's through work or play, especially when they're rolling around in the mud. I guess I got inspired by my back yard, which has been underwater for weeks.

(link, NSFW text. Click to enlarge.)

Two more, NSFW )

Earlier "Men of Earth" (also NSFW)

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"Portrait d’un acteur ou d’un homme en costume de fantaisie, Costume de mousquetaire noir, en 1810." From titam on tumblr.

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Thanks go to [ profile] obedientlyyours, which reminded me of Orson Welles' birthday today (his 95th, although he unfortunately passed in 1985.) Above, he plays seedy and corrupt detective Hank Quinlan in his film, Touch of Evil.

Much Orson picspam, all SFW )

ETA: Earlier, Orson Welles' cameo appearance in Theodore Roszak's novel Flicker.

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Tender without being sentimental. Explicit without rawness. Faceless, but the body speaks.

Three by imagipix on deviantart, NSFW. Click to enlarge. )

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South African tenor Johan Botha (below, left) played Lohengrin in London's Royal Opera 2009 performance (link.) Reviewer Melanie Eskenazi remarks, "Johan Botha does not possess the ideally heroic stage presence for the title part, nor would he be accurately described as a Heldentenor, yet his singing is always expressive, finely phrased and sensitively shaped." I wonder if his supposed lack of an "ideally heroic stage presence" was a catty reference to his being fat.

Here's Botha singing "Morgenlich leuchtend" from Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg:

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[ profile] mudcub alerted me to Sideshow World's page on Fat Folks. Throughout the nineteenth century and well into the twentieth, people with all sorts of physical challenges and differences earned their livings as sideshow entertainers in the traveling fairs and circuses which criss-crossed Europe and the United States. Their numbers included the "fat folk," men and women far larger than the average of their day.

One profitable income-enhancer for sideshow entertainers was to sell small, post-card sized "cabinet cards" with their own images. Visitors could buy these cards as they exited the tents, sometimes signed by the performers. These marketing tools served as souvenirs and free publicity. Many survive today, and these numerous cards open a small window into the ways in which entertainers chose to present themselves.

One thing which appeals to me about late 19th/early 20th century cabinet cards is how dignified the men look.

Circus fat man Egon Cannon and his brother.

More, including some NSFW )

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I'm tired tonight from gardening, and am off to watch Neil Gaiman's mini-series Neverwhere, but I thought I'd leave you all with this amusing and NSFW photo under the cut:

Cut to save you embarrassment at work )

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While looking for examples of Richard Taylor's cartoons, I came across this sketch from a short-lived Canadian art and literary magazine called The Goblin. (Click to enlarge.)


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